From   08/06/2021, Taikan Vietnam Co., Ltd officially changed its name to  ATC Machine Tools Co., Ltd., trading name ATC Machinery Co., LTD.

  • Scope: Specializing in providing CNC machines, equipment – accompanying materials and repair services.

Therefore, we would like to inform our customers and partners so that all work will not be wrong or interrupted. The content of our detailed information changes please see at the attached file.

Contact information at the company will change as follows:

Business consulting:

  • Mr Tran Tien Dat – SĐT: 03 2929 6789
  • Email:
  • Position: Director – cum in charge of business
Consulting Services:
  • Mr. Nguyen Huu Phuoc – SĐT: 0911 122 122
  • Email:
  • Position: Deputy Director – cum in charge of technical service department
Receiving service:
  • Mrs. Tran Thanh Thuy – SĐT: 0901 953 780
  • Email:
  • Position: Sales service
Is pleased to announce!
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